Severe server downtime and a free puzzle

This website has been down for nearly 3 weeks. It was an unfortunate mix of extraordinary circumstances, including me being AFK and the provider changing things without notifying me at the same time. Anyway, that’s behind us, everything should be back to normal and in order to celebrate this occasion, I am uploading a new free puzzle for you. It will be another Zero Trigons Puzzle! I strongly recommend you to get to know the trigons puzzles before you attempt this one. Read the rules of trigons and solve a small one. Then, get used to the “pointed tips trigons” and make sure you understand the rule. Finally, try the first Zero Trigons (555) before you try this bigger sibling!

Free Zero Trigons 666 Puzzle

Click on the puzzle thumbnail to access the puzzle.
PDF Version of the Zero Trigons 666 with pointed tips puzzle.
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Wendy’s puzzle (triple loco sudoku)

Here we go! It’s been a while since I last posted a free sample puzzle and thanks to Wendy, one of the regular visitors to this website, I am posting a puzzle which I think she’ll like. 🙂 She sent an email saying that in the new volume of the Loco Sudoku book, she preferred the double and triple loco puzzles to those in the samurai format. Well… since that is the case, here is a multi sudoku (aka loco sudoku) triple puzzle consisting of one hyper sudoku, one diagonal sudoku and one consecutive sudoku. Remember, there are three puzzles with three different sets of rules, but the overlapping regions must conform to the rules of the overlapping puzzles. Most overlapping regions follow the rules of two puzzles but the central nonet of the whole puzzle belongs to all three constituent puzzles! Of course, remember to use the Twin Nonets solving technique for this puzzle! How do you like this sudoku variation?

Triple LOCO Sudoku puzzle

Click on the puzzle thumbnail to access the puzzle.
PDF Version of this puzzle: Triple Multi LOCO Sudoku puzzle in PDF.
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Discounted books!

Happy holidays, folks! 🙂 The 2017 is at our doorstep and I’d like to wish you the very best for the New Year. Amazon is currently offering discounts on some of my books, so in case you wanted to save a few $$$, here they are: Best wishes and let the year 2017 be the best one you’ve ever had!
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Forgotten books

Seems like I made announcement for all of my books – except for the most popular ones!? How bizarre. These books don’t need too much introduction, they are all new volumes of my most popular titles. Where do I begin? Here is The Way of Samurai, volume 9 Another book with Samurais, however, this one is full of Quad-Samurai aka Sumo Sudoku or Super Samurai: Then, a jubilant 10th volume of the Revenge of Killer Sudoku series And finally, a book with the most demanding and challenging difficult killer sudoku puzzles: Deadliest Killer Sudoku Now, for real, that’s all for this season folks! Have a great one!
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Fill-ins puzzle books

To wrap up the books for this season, I’ve published two fill-ins books. One is a book with Word Fill-ins puzzles, 100 of them. Large print, one puzzle per page. And here is a book with 100 Number Fill-ins. That’s all for this season folks, at least as far as the books are concerned. I wish you happy holidays and if you like my puzzles, please share them with your close ones. Cheers!
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Word Searches and Number Searches books in LARGE Print!

Two more books have been published, this time with word and number searches puzzles. Here is volume 2 with 250 Word Search (aka Word Roundup or Word Sleuth) puzzles. And also a new book with 250 Number Searches. Two more books are coming in a few days…
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$10 off any book. Use code HOLIDAYBOOK. Conditions apply.

It’s that time of the year, folks! Amazon is offering $10 OFF ANY BOOK on purchases over $25. Other conditions also apply. If you click on this banner it will take you to a page where you can select from some of my most popular books. Fill up the cart with at least $25 worth of books and apply HOLIDAYBOOK promo code at checkout! $10 OFF ANY BOOK ON AMAZON You can also select from some of my most recent releases, including: Christmas sudoku book, just $3.99!!! An easy sudoku book printed in VERY LARGE FONT, very easy to read! The largest kakuro puzzle book in terms of the size of each puzzle. Every single puzzle in this book is a huge 20×25 in size! VERY DIFFICULT! And last but certainly not the least, a new volume of Killer Samurai Sudoku. I particularly fancy this book cover I made. What do you think? I will keep you posted about new releases and new promotions as soon as I learn about them.
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