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Super Quad Sudoku Samurai

I’ve been quiet a little over the past week or so, but now you can expect an avalanche of announcements and newsletters. First up: A new Samurai Sudoku book is out! It’s actually a SUPER Samurai book. This is a new series which will contain more puzzles than the previous Super Samurai Sudoku series of […]
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Sudoku Large Print

In case you didn’t know, a couple of weeks ago I sent out a newsletter containing a (rather long) list of all new sudoku books and other puzzle books that I will publish this Fall, before Christmas. You can view the newsletter here, however, you should also make sure to subscribe for my newsletters to […]
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Newsletters are back

The newsletters are back. Some of you may have already received one. There will be more coming in the following weeks. The newsletter is sent occasionally, sometimes once a week (never more than that!), sometimes once every 3 months. It usually contains a free puzzle in it. Important: next week there will be a newsletter with […]
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Killer Sudoko puzzles are back. Samurai Sudoku will be back tomorrow.

As you have already noticed, the daily killer sudoku puzzles are back. The sudoko variants too. Samuri Sudoku and Diagonal Samurai Sudoko (overlapping Gattai-5 puzzles) are also back and will be updated tomorrow as per schedule. The missing Samurai X will be sent via newsletter. Some of you have already received it. In case you […]
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Jigsaw Sudoku: very twisted puzzles (active content game for Amazon™ Kindle™)

In this post I want to tell you a few unrelated things, so please bear with me until the end of the post. 1) Third interactive game for Kindle, after Samurai Sudoku for Kindle and Tridoku for Kindle has been published. Jigsaw Sudoku: very twisted puzzles (A Puzzle Game for Kindle) Tweet So, instead of […]
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The June newsletter – INSANE Killer Sudoku puzzle

This is the insane puzzle I tried sending in June. It seems like it didn’t work. Here it is instead. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? 🙂 I can’t remember when was the last time I posted an INSANE Killer Sudoku puzzle. The INSANE rating is reserved for puzzles that might require some guessing OR […]
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Sudoku Variants are back

Just a quick note to everyone that the puzzles on the Sudoku Variants page are back. Also, today I’m sending out the newsletter with a new free puzzle. Sign up now! 🙂
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