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It’s that time of the year, folks! Amazon is offering $10 OFF ANY BOOK on purchases over $25. Other conditions also apply. If you click on this banner it will take you to a page where you can select from some of my most popular books. Fill up the cart with at least $25 worth of books and apply HOLIDAYBOOK promo code at checkout! $10 OFF ANY BOOK ON AMAZON You can also select from some of my most recent releases, including: Christmas sudoku book, just $3.99!!! An easy sudoku book printed in VERY LARGE FONT, very easy to read! The largest kakuro puzzle book in terms of the size of each puzzle. Every single puzzle in this book is a huge 20×25 in size! VERY DIFFICULT! And last but certainly not the least, a new volume of Killer Samurai Sudoku. I particularly fancy this book cover I made. What do you think? I will keep you posted about new releases and new promotions as soon as I learn about them.
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4 new Sudoku variants books!

There is a lot of catching up I need to do… it’s busy times for me folks, so stay tuned as more puzzle books get published. Tomorrow I am sending out a newsletter, which is the best way to never miss an update from me. Anyway… while you were busy following the elections, I worked hard and published 4 new titles, all 4 of them with Sudoku Variants puzzles. First up is volume 4 of the Sudoku Variations series. Next is volume 2 of the Multi Sudoku series with LOCO Sudoku puzzles. Totally crazy sudoku stuff! And finally, two new volumes with irregular sudoku jigsaw puzzles. One is your standard jigsaw sudoku book, while the other is jigsaw sudoku compendium, which means that it contains variations on the irregular sudoku variant puzzles. Next week, I will be releasing more Killer and Samurai books!
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CalcuDoku, Killer and 3-variants books

Hello everyone! It’s been a while… I sent out a newsletter this weekend and in case you haven’t seen (why haven’t you?) I’d like to let you know of the three new titles that have just been released. The latest one, fresh off the press, is the largest calcudoku book I know of! It contains 1000 CalcuDoku puzzles of all difficulties and in sizes 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, 7×7 and 8×8, 200 of each of them. If you like CalcuDoku puzzles (aka KenKen™, Kendoku™, Opdoku, Mathdoku…) I think this is the best value for your money! Second book is also a second volume of the Cutting-Edge Sudoku series. The three sudoku variants in this book are the same as before: Flower Sudoku, Outside Sudoku and Consecutive Sudoku. And last but certainly not the least, is a very special book. It is a new, special, 10th anniversary edition of the “Sudoku K” book, which was published in 2006 and was the first book I ever published worldwide. So… if you would like to be reminded of how the Killer Sudoku puzzles used to be back then, this is the book for you! More books are coming soon. Make sure to sign up for the newsletter if you want to be informed as soon as they are released!
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Three new very special titles!

In case you missed out on the newsletter I sent a few days ago, here is an update on the three new titles I released for Summer 2016. First up is a new Trigons book, this time with 300 puzzles! You asked for it, so go get it now 🙂 All sorts of new designs and layouts of the trianglons, mostly with 0 to 6, but some of them are of bigger and smaller dimensions, too! The second book is a very special one – my first book with nothing but Clueless Sudoku puzzles! I’ve published a couple of them in other books, but this is a book of just sudoku puzzles which might leave you clueless – at first. 9+1 grids in each puzzle, so there are many numbers for you to solve! And finally, another novelty, a book with more Samurai Sudoku puzzles than any other book I know. 500 Sudoku Samurai Gattai-5 puzzles in one book, just like those I publish in The Washington Post and The Washington Express! It’s great value for money, this book! That’s it for this Summer folks. Have a great one and await new books in the Fall 2016!
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Two new Sudoku books

Two new books with nothing but sudoku puzzles have been published. First is a book of hard sudoku puzzles. And the other one is a books with relatively easy sudoku puzzles. More books are coming soon, so stay tuned for updates!
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Zero Trigons

Hi folks, it’s been a while! What can I say? I’ll try to be more regular with new puzzle updates, but I can’t promise anything. New puzzle books are coming soon, so stay tuned. Meanwhile, here is a new Trigons puzzle. And it’s first of its kind – it’s a zero trigons! This means that the sum of some trigons is not shown in the puzzle, it is up to you to completely figure them out. Ok, you might need a crash course in trigons. Here are the Trigons rules: Let’s repeat all rules of Trigons: 1. For this puzzle, use digits 0 to 5 to solve it. 2. The numbers given in the puzzle represent the sum of the three digits on the sides of the corresponding triangle. 3. Your goal is to fill in the numbers on the sides so that they add up to the given sum for that trigon (triangle). 4. Numbers CAN BE REPEATED a triangle. 5. Each sum combination MUST BE USED EXACTLY ONCE! All triangle sum combinations are given below the grid so when you use one, cross it off. 6. If a trigon shares only one side with the rest of the puzzle, the other two sides of the trigon must be equal, i.e. must be solved using the same number. Such trigons are called “pointed tips“. 7. If a sum is not shown in a triangle, you must figure it out by eliminating all other possibilities. It still MUST BE ONE OF THE SUMS listed below the grid, and of course, the sum combination cannot be repeated.

Free Zero Trigons Puzzle with pointed tips

Click on the puzzle thumbnail to access the puzzle.
PDF Version of this puzzle: Zero Trigons puzzle PDF. Does this make the puzzle too difficult? Please share your thoughts.
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New discounts of sudoku and word search books

Amazon is now running a promotion on several of my books. Discount code is not necessary. The massive book of Jigsaw Sudoku is now discounted 10%, saving you $2.50!

Also, Large Print Word Search book, with 250 Word Search puzzles is down 8%, saving you $1.34!

Two Number Searches books are also discounted, the first one by 20%, saving your more than $5!!!

And you can also save more than $1 on one of my flagship books, the Super Samurai Sudoku book.

If you like Loco Sudoku puzzles and the book, you should try the Multi Sudoku book – it also contains CRAZY sudoku puzzles and if you buy it now, you save more than $1.

The trigons book also offers a $1 saving:

And finally, you save almost a dollar on volume 2 of the Deadliest Killer Sudoku series of books, only with the toughest of Killer Sumdoku puzzles:
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