Puppy Diary and a New Puzzle :)

Here we go… this post is as personal as they get. There is a home video of me in it. And my puppy. And an Instagram post. And a free puzzle. I think I got your attention. Good. If you are wondering why this personal post all of a sudden, you haven’t subscribed to my newsletter yet. Changes are coming to this site. Slowly. So stay tuned and subscribe. It’s free. So I got a Border Collie puppy. Name is Cash. In Serbian language it is pronounced a bit more sharply than in English, you will soon hear me say it a few times. Why Cash? Because “Tango & Cash”. And I dance Tango, a lot. Cash has been with me for 3 weeks now; however, I went sailing for a week and my Mom came over to take care of him. A couple of days after I got him I started clicker training him. I am amazed by his intelligence! Border Collies really are the smartest dog breed around. The video you are about to see was shot a day before Cash’s 3-month birthday. Unfortunately, I give him commands in my language, so you gotta trust me that he does what I tell him to do. If I ever post another video I will try to sound over my comments in English. Anyway… here is the video of me and Cash clicker training at my home. I also posted a short clip of Cash on my Instagram. It was taken 2 days after I got him, before we started training. Now, BACK TO PUZZZZZZLES! I’ve been making Odd Even Sudoku puzzles for years, but this one I’m posting now is a bit different. It contains only PARTIAL Odd Even information. So, not all cells are marked as odd or even as before. Instead, only some of them are labeled. Shaded cells must be Odd. Cells with a square must be Even. No shade, no square? Could be either odd or even! And of course it is not a vanilla Sudoku. It is Partial Odd Even Samurai Sudoku and it’s supposed to be a bit difficult. Here we go:

Partial Odd Even Samurai Sudoku – Overlapping Sudoku Samurai variant – Gattai 5

Click on the puzzle thumbnail to access the puzzle.
PDF Version of this puzzle: Partial Odd Even Samurai Sudoku puzzle in PDF.
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New Overlapping Sudoku – Gattai 8

Hey, it’s been a while since my last post… September is the month which marks an anniversary of this website, so I’m gonna start posting more often and possibly, on some non-puzzle related topics. Not sure yet, but it might happen. Stay tuned. Anyhow… Unless I’m mistaken, I haven’t posted a puzzle of this type before. It’s a gattai 8 overlapping sudoku, just like sudoku harakiri, but in a different arrangement of puzzles. Those who like Super Samurai Sudoku or Harakiri Sudoku (by the way, the Harakiri book is currently discounted by $2!!!) will surely like this one. Here it is… it’s labeled IQ for difficulty, but it’s not really all that hard. Oh, I nearly forgot: it requires a heavy use of the Twin Nonets solving technique.

Sudoku Cross – Overlapping Sudoku variant – Gattai 8

To access this puzzle click here.

PDF Version of this puzzle: Sudoku Cross Gattai 8 variant sudoku puzzle in PDF.
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Little book of Trigons puzzles

A new volume with nothing but TRIGONS puzzles has been released. This time, it’s a smaller (and much cheaper) book than the first book of trigons and the big book of trigons I published before. Numerous new designs and patterns of trianglons feature in this book! The combinations are endless and they never become boring. There are altogether 67 puzzles in this little book which is 6″x9″ in size, so it is easy to carry around with you on the beach or wherever you will be solving the puzzles this summer. 10 puzzles are 0 to 5 and out of those 10, 9 of them are the so called Zero Trigons, which are more difficult to solve! Then, there are 53 “standard” trigons, 0 to 6 in size, and 6 of them are Zero Trigons (some trigons sums in the puzzle are unknown at the start!). At the end, there are 4 puzzles 0 to 7 and one of them is a “zero”. One thing is for sure – for it’s size, this book surely packs a punch! You will be challenged!
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Outside Sudoku Compendium

Here is a new compendium I made. This time it’s a book full of Outside Sudoku puzzles and the variants of this variant, including:
  • 50 classic (aka “vanilla”) outside sudoku puzzles in all levels of difficulty
  • 30 outside jigsaw sudoku
  • 10 outside diagonal sudoku
  • 10 outside odd-even sudoku
  • 10 outside consecutive sudoku
  • 10 outside non-consecutive sudoku
  • 5 outside hyper sudoku
  • 5 outside twodoku
  • and one bonus puzzle 🙂
For a total of 130 Outside Sudoku puzzles (plus the bonus one). What are you waiting for? 🙂
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Diagonal Samurai Sudoku X

In case you missed it, I’ve already published one Sudoku Samurai variant book a few days ago and here is another one. This time, it’s a Samurai X book, which is waaaay overdue (and I mean: years), but hey, better late than never, right? So, 100 Diagonal Sudoku Samurai puzzles of all difficulties in a book for just $9.99, that’s a great deal! Oh, and it’s printed in a large font, which makes it easy on your eyes.
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Harakiri Compendium (Double Samurai Sudoku Variants)

Hey folks, it’s time for new puzzle books for the summer of 2017! First up is a new volume of Double Samurai Sudoku Harakiri, however, this time, it’s a COMPENDIUM, which means it contains variants of the Gattai-8 overlapping sudoku samurai puzzles. So, in this book there 30 classic Harakiri Sudoku puzzles, 10 Diagonal Harakiri Sudoku X, 10 Consecutive Harakiris, 10 Non-consecutive Sudoku Harakiri puzzles, 10 Jigsaw Sudoku Harakiri puzzles, 10 Hyper Windoku Harakiris and 1 surprise Harakiri puzzle. The final puzzle is a surprise, but I think you might be able to already guess what it is. 🙂 Ok, now… I’ve never posted a Non-cons Harakiri before, so, here is one to try before you buy the book. 🙂 Again, there are 10 of them in this new compendium. I won’t explain what Non cons sudokus are, because if you don’t know, you should first try regular Non Consecutive Sudoku and only then move on to this big variant.

Non Consecutive Sudoku Harakiri (Double Samurai) – DIFFICULTY: THINKER

Click on the puzzle thumbnail to access the puzzle.
PDF Version of this puzzle: Non Consecutive Sudoku Harakiri (Double Samurai) puzzle in PDF.
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Severe server downtime and a free puzzle

This website has been down for nearly 3 weeks. It was an unfortunate mix of extraordinary circumstances, including me being AFK and the provider changing things without notifying me at the same time. Anyway, that’s behind us, everything should be back to normal and in order to celebrate this occasion, I am uploading a new free puzzle for you. It will be another Zero Trigons Puzzle! I strongly recommend you to get to know the trigons puzzles before you attempt this one. Read the rules of trigons and solve a small one. Then, get used to the “pointed tips trigons” and make sure you understand the rule. Finally, try the first Zero Trigons (555) before you try this bigger sibling!

Free Zero Trigons 666 Puzzle

Click on the puzzle thumbnail to access the puzzle.
PDF Version of the Zero Trigons 666 with pointed tips puzzle.
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