Picross book with 255 ALL NEW puzzles

Here is the first book for 2021 season!

It’s a Nonograms book with 255 puzzles. What’s important is that all puzzles in this book are NEW, and not published elsewhere. And they will not be published elsewhere. I plan to release one volume with about 250 puzzles (give or take) every year.

A majority of puzzles are THINKER and BRAIN difficulty.
Furthermore, more than 50 puzzles are of the sizes 15×15, 15×25, 30×20 and 30×40 each. I think those are the best sizes for picross puzzles, where 30×40 is, obviously, the most challenging and best looking puzzle size of all, with most details.

I really do think that this is the best Griddlers books I’ve published so far. The images are absolutely beautiful. And the puzzles are not too easy and not too hard. Well, some of them are a bit hard. But most of them are just the right difficulty.

Hope you will like it!

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Oh, Djape…

Back in the day, this website used to be alive and kicking. Now it’s barely alive and certainly not kicking anymore.

I tried to revive it, I even hired an agency to build a totally new website but, let me be frank, running a website never was my thing. I like programming and making puzzles, that’s all. And I will keep doing that in the form of the books I publish, which can be purchased from Amazon.

The content of this old website should all be there and you should be able to find the old puzzles and stuff. If something doesn’t work, please let me know.

If you, dear visitor, are interested in running my website and running newsletter campaigns on a PRO BONO basis until we see if we are a fit, please contact me at: djape at djape dot net.

I will occassionally update the website with information about new books and that’s more or less all.

Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter, that way you will be updated about new books.

Sorry… It was a lot of fun back in 2005 and until about 2009-2010.

But don’t worry… NEW BOOKS are coming VERY SOON!

Cheers <3

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Transitioning to a new website

This is the old Djape.Net – The Home of Perfect Sudoku website.

The domain name has been changed. As of today, this website can be reached by using perfectsudoku.com domain name. And it will stay like that for… well, I don’t know for how long.

The old domain djape.net still points to this same website, but that’s about to change. Please bear with me until I’ve implemented everything. New djape.net website will be much more personal and not only about puzzles.

There will be a third website at djapedjape.com. This website will be used to find my new books, download free puzzles, free coloring pages and download The Washington Post Samurai Sudoku Solutions. There will also be e-books with puzzles for you to download and print, very cheap. Like I said, all this will take a long time to implement and put together.

If you have any questions, or if you find that something doesn’t work, please contact me at djapedjape@gmail.com, that’s my best email address at the moment.

I certainly hope to find strength and time to continue what I started in 2005. Your support means a lot. Really, it does.

Thank you and I’m really looking forward to hearing from you… about stuff that’s been broken on this website. 😀



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Happy Holidays, folks!

It’s been a crazy 2020. I won’t go on much about it – I just hope that you and your family and friends are safe and healthy. We all hope for a better 2021.

I’m not a big fan of any particular calendar dates, but I do like holidays because they bring us to our close ones. I think it is important to support each other at times like this.

Anyway… it’s been a long while since I last posted something here on this website. That will change in 2021!

I have a couple of things I’d like to share with you:

  • If you are looking for puzzle books and coloring books, the best place to find them is in Djape’s Amazon Brand Store
  • However, I keep forgetting to tell you another way to obtain my books, especially if you are from a country where Amazon shipping is too expensive. Book depository has free worldwide shipping. That sounds great, but there is a downside: the books are slightly more expensive there (not too much) and it takes much longer to receive them. But, if you live, for example, in Australia, I think that’s the best way to get them. I’m not 100% sure, you have to check the prices and see what’s best for you.
  • Most importantly: my website has been a mess for years. I haven’t had time to work on it. But – I’ve started building a new one – actually, two new websites. It is likely that there will be some issues while all things are put in place, and I will let you know how I progress with it. There will be free new puzzles on the new website, book giveaways, some free coloring pages, more personal news about me and what I do, a little bit of my philosophy and my views of the world etc. I don’t know yet how it will all work, it’s in the making. We will see.

Ok… so… that’s it for 2020! 

Best wishes from me and my team. I hope you stay safe and smart over the holidays. It’s important.

And remember – sharing is caring, so please feel free to spread the word about my books and puzzles with people who might be interested.

And one last thing – keep in touch! I really enjoy receiveing emails from you, folks!

Warm hugs,

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Jigsaw Sudoku Books

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Coloring Books

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Samurai Sudoku Books

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