Puzzles by Dr Djape: 300 puzzles (Sudoku Variations Books)



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This book is the most comprehensive collection of the puzzles created by Djape in 12 years of his work. It is published on the day which marks first anniversary of his defending a PhD thesis in Computer Science.


    • 100 different types of sudoku variants, 2 of each kind, making a total of 200 sudoku variant puzzles
    • 17 different kinds of puzzles, including:
    • Trigons
    • CalcuDoku
    • Hidoku
    • Straights
    • Hitori
    • Nurikabe
    • Slitherlink
    • Tridoku
    • Futoshiki
    • Binary Puzzles
    • Number Search
    • Word Search
    • Number Fill-In
    • Word Fill-In
    • Kenkuro
    • Kakuro
    • Nonograms (Griddlers)

    If you like puzzles you will love this book. You won’t get bored with it. Promised.

    All sudoku variants come with one relatively easy version (but not trivial) and one relatively hard version (but definitely solvable). Other puzzle types come in a range of difficulties. There is something for everyone!

    Get ready, good luck, have fun and enjoy!

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