Zer0 Killer Sudoku

Ok, I know you prefer Killer Sudokus, but I have to introduce new puzzles every once in a while. So, don’t be mad at me, there is something for everyone on this site! This time it’s a Killer. And it’s a Zer0. See the 0 in Zer0? It means it’s not a regular Zero Killer Sudoku, but it’s a 10×10 Zero Killer in which you use all 10 digits, from 0 to 9! The rule of 45 applies, but be careful when you analyze the sums! For example, 3 over two cells can now also be 0+3, not just 1+2! I tried not to make it too difficult, which means that half of you will complain that it’s too easy. What can I do?

Zer0 Killer Sudoku – difficulty BRAIN

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PDF Version of this puzzle: Zer0 Killer Sudoku puzzle PDF.
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