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Here is my first ever WORD FILL puzzle! After word searches and number searches, a while ago I started creating number fill-ins (and I also published a book of number fill in puzzles). Now is the time to solve my word fill in puzzle. I intend to make many more of Word Fill puzzles in the future. And I will never use 2-letter words and all 3-letter words will actually be words or abbreviations of something. I will strive not to repeat 5-letter and longer words. Most of the words will be “legal” scrabble words and some will be names of animals or geographic terms etc. For example, in this particular puzzle I am posting now, the word which you will start solving with is “dermestid” and it represents a type of a beetle. Look it up on the internet if you like. 🙂 These crossword-like word puzzles are great for improving your vocabulary. Whether you are an avid scrabble player or you just want to build up a good vocab, solving word fill-ins will surely help. The rules are simple: fill the horizontal and vertical fields in the grid with the words listed. All words must be used and can be used only once. No words other than the ones listed can be used. This particular puzzle provides you with an easy “in”: there is only one word with 9 letters, hence it must go into the only 9-letter space in the grid. From there, check the words which can or cannot go into certain fields and fill them in accordingly. DO NOT GUESS! Guessing won’t work most of the time and there is absolutely no need to guess when you solve any of my puzzles, not just word fills. Oh, and one important clarification: fill the grid only with letters A-Z. Punctuation marks shall be skipped. So, for example, the word “Mt. Albert” in this puzzle should be filled in the grid as “MTALBERT”. Please let me know what you think of this particular Word Fill puzzle and if you would like me to change something in the graphics I used.

Free Word Fill-in puzzle

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PDF Version of this puzzle: Word Fill-in puzzle PDF.
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