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Yesterday there was a post at blogs.guardian.co.uk about Killer Sudokus and a link to our site was posted. As a consequence, we’ve had some 600 referrals from that post within 12 hours (and overnight too)! I’d like to welcome our new visitors and to suggest them to go through the previous messages posted here – there are some useful solving tips, explanations etc. One of the things that I should point out to them is that we post Killer AND Killer “X” puzzles, the later meaning that the diagonals must also be filled with all numbers from 1 to 9. Just to avoid any confusion and claims that our puzzles have multiple solutions… Anyhow, I posted an “EASY” Killer puzzle after two tough puzzles posted in previous days. It’s good for practicing your “innies and outies”. I also posted a classic Sudoku. As a consequence of a Sudoku book that I’ve been working on (more details on that in the next few days), I enhanced my software to create classic Sudoku puzzles with starting numbers placed in different “shapes” – this puzzle is an example. There are no extra rules for solving this, I think that it just look prettier this way. Enjoy!
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