The Way of Samurai Sudoku, vol. 2: Very challenging puzzles

I’ve published 6 books with Sudoku Samurai puzzles and the one with most reviews is volume 2 of The Way of Samurai Series. Just as a reminder, this book contains 25 Jigsaw Samurai Sudokus, in addition to 80 regular Samurai puzzles. Interestingly enough, all 7 reviews of this book are 5/5 stars!

The Way Of Samurai Sudoku, volume 2

Very challenging puzzles

5/5 stars This puzzle book is definitely not for the beginner – which is what I loved about it. Every single one is a challenge and that’s what I look for. Would like to see a book with perforated pages so you can easily remove them to work on them.

DJAPE is the best Samurai author

5/5 stars The more you do DJAPE’s puzzles, the more you like them. He is by far the best author for Samurai Sudoku puzzles. He’s even gotten me to like the jigsaw samurai puzzles which he throws in as a bonus. I recommend his books over any others.

Did the jigsaws first!

5/5 stars I love the jigsaw samurai! I wish Djape had a whole book of these. Regular sudoku are okay, but the samurai configuration adds much more of a challenge. The puzzles are the best you can find out there!

first intro to samurai jigsaw

5/5 stars My favourite sudoku publisher is DJAPE. None of this trial and error stuff; there is always only one solution. Have bought many of his books and can honestly say I prefer his style to any of the others I have worked through, and I’ve worked through dozens. Love Samurai; Love Killer; Love Jigsaw; Love Jigsaw Samurai; WANT MORE KILLER JIGSAW SAMURAI!!!

Ever Scarce Jigsaw Samurais

5/5 stars This challenging and entertaining book is definitely worth the price, if not just for the phenomenal 25 Jigsaw Samurais that are so hard to find. I can’t wait for the upcoming release of the (probable title) “Samurai Sudoku Compendium” with various types of Samurai puzzles- at least 15 Jigsaws there.

The Way of Samurai: 105 Samurai Sudoku Puzzles

5/5 stars This is Volumn 2. There are 5 levels of puzzles. Each level more difficult than the previous. In the back of the book are the answers. I have found that the regular Sudoku was just getting too easy. These are a challenge.

Great book of puzzles

5/5 stars this is a good one, high quality paper and the puzzles get tougher as you go.
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