The Return of The Killer Sudoku

UPDATE: You can get $5 off any of my books on Amazon! Use promo code GIFTBOOK17 at checkout. Conditions apply! Valid until November 26. Yeah, that title sounds scary, don’t you think? But before that… Happy Thanksgiving, folks, if you happen to give thanks today! 🙂 So… a first book in the new series of books with killer sudoku puzzles is now published. It is something in between the “Revenge of Killer Sudoku” and “The Deadliest Killer Sudoku” series, at least as far as the difficulty of the puzzles within goes. There are NO EASY, NO COOL puzzles in this book! Difficulty levels are THINKER-BRAIN-IQ-INSANE. The breakout of puzzles is as follows:
  • 100 classic Killer Sudoku 9×9. Half of them are THINKER, 30% are BRAIN, 20% are IQ.
  • Another 10 classic 9×9 Killer Sudokus, all of them INSANE!
  • 10 ZERO Killer Sudoku
  • 10 Killer Sudoku with all four arithmetic operators +,-,*,/
  • and my new personal favorite… 20 Killer Sudokus 10×10, using all 10 digits from 0 to 9!
The book is waiting for you to order. And use that coupon! The price will go up a bit in the next couple of days!
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