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First Anniversary of www.djape.net (belated)

Well, folks, it’s been more than one year since I started posting puzzles on this website and I’d like to write a few words about that. Actually, since this site has become popular thanks to Killer Sudoku puzzles I intended to wait until the anniversary of the first Killer Sudoku puzzle posted here, but CathyW […]
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All puzzles have ONE solution only!

Alright, before you claim that some puzzle has more than one solution, do this: 1. For Samurai puzzles, read this article 2. For other puzzles, make sure the puzzle is not an “X” (diagonal) 3. For puzzles from The Washington Post and The Express, read this post (and also read the article from point 1). […]
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Samurai Sudoku in The Washington Post

In addition to Washington Express who have been printing our Samurai Sudoku puzzles for more than a month, as of Januray 1 our puzzles will feature in The Washington Post and will appear there on a weekly basis, in the Sunday issue. TweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweet UPDATE: I have published the solution to the puzzle printed in The […]
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