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Binary Puzzles

Here is another novelty: Binary Puzzles, also known as TAKUZU. Binary Puzzles are played on square grids of any even size: 6×6, 8×8, 10×10 etc. Your goal is to fill the grids with 0s and 1s, following these simple rules: 1. There can be at most two 0s or at most two 1s next to […]
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Revenge of Killer Sudoku, volume 6

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! There are NO EASY PUZZLES in this new volume of the Revenge of Killer Sudoku book series. Again, I read your reviews and figured out that you wanted more challenging Killer puzzles, so this is what I came up with. 🙂 Not only that the puzzles labeled EASY have […]
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Twin Zero Killer Sudoku

Rules: Solve the puzzle so that the left half and the right half have the same solution. Other than that, the usual Killer Sudoku rules apply. Twin Zero Killer Sudoku for Saturday, March 15, 2008. WARNING: Very difficult! Click on the puzzle thumbnail to access the puzzle.Tweet
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Consecutive Butterfly Sudoku

Someone 😉 complained and asked for more new variants and specifically for cons/non-cons puzzles. So here it is – first ever Consecutive Butterfly (4 in 1) Sudoku puzzle. “Pipes” (“|” symbols) between cells mean that those cells must contain consecutive numbers. If there is no pipe – those cells can’t contain consecutive numbers. This second […]
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Weekly Samurai Sudoku X

Samurai X for Tuesday, January 31 – this is the only place you can find these kind of Sudoku puzzles! Basically, not only do you have to fight against 5 interconnected Sudokus, but you also need to be carefull about the diagonals: ALL diagonals in the puzzle must contain one occurrence of each 1-9 digit. […]
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