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Puzzle Bücher in Deutschland

Mein Sudoku-Rätsel und andere Bücher sind jetzt auch in Deutschland erhältlich! Nach Amazon UK , Amazon . DE -Website bietet alle meine Bücher zu günstigen Preisen. Die komplette Auswahl ist unten dargestellt. ENDLICH: Alle meine Bücher sind Puzzle nun voll auf dem deutschen Amazon-Website! Noch besser: die Sudoku-Rätsel und alle anderen Bücher, die bereits vorhanden […]
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Puzzle books on Amazon UK

I have great news for folks in the United Kingdom. FINALLY: All of my puzzle books are now fully available on the British Amazon website! Even better: those sudoku (et al.) books that were already available on Amazon UK are now much cheaper than they used to be! Important: All these books will very soon […]
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My puzzle books are available on Amazon UK

I noticed in the last month or so that my sudoku and other puzzle books are now available more regularly on Amazon.co.uk and other international websites. Many of you who come from the UK have asked about the books not always being available there, so now it seems like it’s been sorted out. Hopefully. It’s […]
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The Way Of Samurai 2: 105 puzzles available on Amazon.com!

Nearly a year after it had been made available at LuLu, volume 2 of my book “The Way of Samurai” is now also available on Amazon! This is thanks to CreateSpace, an Amazon company, who also publish print-on-demand books, but offer better conditions both for authors and for readers. Believe it or not, the book […]
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CalcuDoku, Killer Sudoku and Kakuro calculator!

Some of you may have already started playing “the new Sudoku” puzzles that appear in The Times (UK). We call them CalcuDoku or “Square Wisdom“. It’s an interesting concept, quite similar to Killer Sudoku, but with all four basic arithmetic operations involved. Another change is that repeats within a cage are allowed if possible. To […]
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1st month recap

This site was launched on September 14, so today is one month since the launch. I am happy to announce that yesterday we had 821 unique visitors to the site and more than 4000 page views. For just one month – I reckon that’s pretty good. Most of our visitors are not surprisingly from UK […]
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