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Samurai Sudoku game for Amazon™ Kindle™ by Djape

Finally, folks, here it is! I’ve been waiting to make this announcement for almost a year. My first Amazon Kindle interactive application (aka “active content”) has been published! Samurai Sudoku, 50 puzzles (A Puzzle Game for Kindle) This is a fully interactive game for Kindle. It is not just an e-book with images of puzzles; […]
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Diagonal Jigsaw Samurai X Sudoku Variant puzzle

When was the last time I posted a Sudoku Variant puzzle for the first time? I can’t remember. Especially a puzzle that is a combination of many popular variations of Su Doku. The reason why I decided to create and post this puzzle is because one of the visitors to this website asked me about […]
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Jigsaw TriDoku

Sudoku Variants are back! Also, as a special gift and to make it up to you, I have prepared a brand new variant – Jigsaw TriDoku. I think the puzzle is self-explanatory. It is a hybrid between Jigsaw Sudoku and TriDoku. Make sure to use the hexagon rule which can be found in the TriDoku […]
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Saturday Special: Anti-Knight Killer Sudoku

Here’s my first new sample puzzle for the Anti-Chess Killer Sudoku book. This one’s a MEDIUM (THINKER) Anti-Knight Killer Anti-Knight means that no two cells one Knight‘s move away from each other in chess can have the same value. Click on the puzzle thumbnail to access the puzzle.Tweet
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Triangular Killer Sudoku variant – Killer Tridoku #2

Remember the TriDoku puzzles? Here is a new one. It’s a second one in Killer format, give it a try! Killer TriDoku puzzles: all standard rules of Killer Sudoku apply + of course the TriDoku rules. TriDoku Killer Sudoku for Monday, February 22, 2010. Difficulty: THINKER (when you click&download the puzzle it won’t look so […]
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Here is a puzzle that I think deserves a lot of attention: TriDoku! It’s a great puzzle-type but for some reason it’s very rarely seen in the Sudoku world. I want to change that! Even though it may not appear obvious, there are 81 cells in this puzzle. And there are 9 nonets. Just like […]
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Outside Non-Consecutive Sudoku

I announced this one when I posted my first Outside Sudoku puzzle: it’s a non consecutive Outside Sudoku. Even though it looks like a regular Sudoku puzzle, you must follow one extra rule: two touching numbers must not be consecutive. Outside Non/Consecutive Sudoku for Monday, January 18, 2010 – Difficulty: THINKER. Click on the puzzle […]
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