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Samurai Sudoku rules

I’ve been asked a few times to post some Samurai sudoku solving tips. Well – there aren’t any special tips that apply exclusively to Samurai. Standard Sudoku rules apply, but to make things clear for newcomers, I’d like to give a brief set of instructions. Rules of Samurai Sudoku 1. Each Samurai Sudoku puzzle consists […]
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More Swordfish

I posted another classic Sudoku that requires Swordfish/X-Wing solving technique. You should practice this technique because at some stage I might post a Killer Sudoku that will require you to use this technique to solve the puzzle. Maybe. 🙂 Of course I also posted another Killer – it’s a Brain X. Have fun.
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UPDATE: I changed the image to reflect an actual X-Wing. As a matter of fact, this is the puzzle that I posted a couple of days ago under the “daily Sudoku” page. Here is a quick explanation for the “X-Wing” technique. Suppose you reach the following position and you can’t go any further: Tweet You […]
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As promised, I implemented the Swordfish classic Sudoku solving technique in my Perfect Sudoku software and generated a few puzzles. I just posted one of them on the Daily Sudoku page. However, I ran my generator and generated a couple of thousands Killer Sudokus and NONE of them required Swordfish, just as I speculated before. […]
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