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Super Samurai Sudoku book

Quad Sudoku Samurai? Double Sudoku Harakiri? Super Sudoku Samurai? What do YOU call this puzzle? Whatever you call it, these puzzles are humongous. There are 13 overlapping Sudoku 9×9 grids in each puzzle. They all overlap Samurai Sudoku style. And… there are 64 of these monsters in this book! If you are a Samurai fan, […]
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Super Samurai Sudoku 13 grids

Some people consider Sudoku Samurai puzzles too big; some other people prefer even bigger puzzles. If you belong to the second category, here is an overlapping sudoku variants puzzle for you: 13 grid Sudoku (Gattai-13) laid out in a quadruple Samurai Sudoku format. Essentially, there are 13 Sudoku sub-puzzles which overlap the same way as […]
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