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Samurai Sudoku rules

I’ve been asked a few times to post some Samurai sudoku solving tips. Well – there aren’t any special tips that apply exclusively to Samurai. Standard Sudoku rules apply, but to make things clear for newcomers, I’d like to give a brief set of instructions. Rules of Samurai Sudoku 1. Each Samurai Sudoku puzzle consists […]
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Double Trouble!

I have just completed a new enhanced version of my puzzle generator. We can now create any kind of overlapping Sudoku puzzles (Samurai-like) – that is, with any number or arrangement of 9×9 classic Sudoku inside. Here I’m posting my first such puzzle – I’m calling it Double Trouble (the puzzle formerly known as “doubled-doku”). […]
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Site statistics

I can proudly announce that in the past 24hrs there have been 400 unique visitors to my website and more than 2200 page views. The number of unique visitors has quadrupled in just one week. For some these might be modest figures, but considering how long has this site been online and most importantly keeping […]
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