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Clueless Zero Killer Sudoku

This could well be the most difficult puzzle I’ve ever created. Yet, unlike some previous ones which were intentionally created to require trial&error, this one can surely be solved without guessing. This is a Zero Killer Sudoku puzzle in a Clueless format. Once more I want to thank Ruud for inventing the “Clueless” arrangement of […]
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Butterfly Killer Sudoku X

It’s been a while since I last posted a Butterfly Killer, let alone one with the “X” factor. So, here it is – and to spice it up a little, I made it quite hard (altho I expect someone to get back in 20 minutes and say it was way too easy). So, you get […]
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Sudoku Samurai

I realized that it’s been quite a while since I last posted a “vanilla” Samurai Sudoku puzzle, so today, in addition to our regular Tuesday’s Samurai Sudoku X, you get a special treat of another Samurai puzzle. Samurai Sudoku for Tuesday, August 29 – difficulty IQ (not for the fainthearted!) Click on the puzzle thumbnail […]
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More Perfect Sudoku in Switzerland!

I am very pleased to make these two announcements – both are related to publications in Switzerland only: 1. A book by Thierry Godel (published by Favre) has come out. It is called “L’essentiel du Sudoku” and it contains various Sudoku puzzles created, naturally, by Perfect Sudoku. Thierry is THE Sudoku man in Switzerland. I […]
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Weekly Samurai Sudoku X

This is just a reminder that from last week I started posting Weekly Sudoku Samurai X puzzles on the Samurai Sudoku page. I just uploaded this week’s puzzle on the Samurai Sudoku page.
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Weekly Samurai Sudoku X

Samurai Sudoku X for Tuesday, April 11 – this is the only place you can find these kind of Sudoku puzzles! From now on, WEEKLY Samurai puzzles will be shown on Samurai Sudoku page. This week’s puzzle has been moved to that page already. I think it’s cleaner this way and easier for you to […]
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Clueless Sudoku

Here is another Sudoku overlapping puzzle variation. As far as I know, it was invented by Ruud from www.sudocue.net – please correct me if I’m wrong. So I thought I should give it a go at creating one such puzzle – and of course I had to add something to it. So, my variation is […]
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