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Killer Samurai Sudoku – hard!

There have been no updates for about two weeks because I was away from home for a while. I will make sure to put everything into place now and also I will start working on making some major improvements on this site (more about that soon), but in the meanwhile, I’d like to present you […]
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Sudoku-Samurai.com launched!

A few days ago I announced that there is something special coming up for all fans of Samurai Sudoku puzzles – and here it is: Sudoku-Samurai.com has been launched! 7 different variations of Samurai Sudoku will be shown on this site.
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Sudoku Samurai

I realized that it’s been quite a while since I last posted a “vanilla” Samurai Sudoku puzzle, so today, in addition to our regular Tuesday’s Samurai Sudoku X, you get a special treat of another Samurai puzzle. Samurai Sudoku for Tuesday, August 29 – difficulty IQ (not for the fainthearted!) Click on the puzzle thumbnail […]
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“Greater/Less Than” Samurai Sudoku!

I have only posted one puzzle of this kind so far and here is a new one – “” puzzle in Samurai layout! No given numbers to begin with, instead, there are greater than and less than signs all over the place. Still, this puzzle can be solved by using deduction only, no guessing is […]
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The Way of Samurai: 101 Samurai Sudoku puzzles

Surely something that you have all been waiting for: a book with 101 of my carefully selected Samurai Sudoku puzzles! This book is being published in Portugal only, thanks to Via Optima. The title of the book in Portuguese is A Via do Samurai. However, knowing that you are all waiting for something like this, […]
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Weekly Samurai Sudoku X

This is just a reminder that from last week I started posting Weekly Sudoku Samurai X puzzles on the Samurai Sudoku page. I just uploaded this week’s puzzle on the Samurai Sudoku page.
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Weekly Sudoku Samurai X

Samurai Sudoku X for Tuesday, April 4 – this is the only place you can find these kind of Sudoku puzzles! Basically, not only do you have to fight against 5 interconnected Sudokus, but you also need to be careful about the diagonals: ALL diagonals in the puzzle must contain one occurrence of each 1-9 […]
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