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Killer Sudoku book

Volume 7 of most popular series of books with Killer Sudoku puzzles. Just to make sure you know what you are getting is: 100 Sudoku Killer puzzles 10 Killer Sudoku with diagonal cages 10 NON-CONSecutive Killer Sudoku 30 ZERO Killer Sudoku IMPORTANT: The book is currently discounted 10% on Amazon! Tweet
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Insane Killer Sudoku – by Daniel Skillin

Today we have an extra special puzzle – a Killer Sudoku puzzle by a guest author. It’s been a while since I last posted such a puzzle. I really appreciate the enthusiasm of the visitors to my site and your efforts to make good quality puzzles and share them with others. Today’s puzzle was created […]
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Butterfly Sudoku Killer X

Here is this weekend’s special – a unique and never-seen-before Killer Butterfly X There are 4 “classic” 9×9 Sudoku puzzles inside this one. They all overlap and they all must be solved according to the rules of Sudoku and Killer Sudoku. You can use Twin Nonets solving technique for this one! However, in contrast with […]
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Sudoku Killer Insane – with Quad Symmetry

I just uploaded an INSANE Killer puzzle to Daily Killer page. Not only that it has the highest difficulty ranking, but it’s also fully symmetrical, just like yesterday’s BRAIN puzzle. Normally, Sudoku Killer puzzles have “rotational” (or diagonal) symmetry, but I have enhanced my generator to create puzzles with any symmetry – rotational, horizontal, vertical, […]
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