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The Way of Samurai Sudoku, volume 6

Next up in my seasonal release of new volumes of puzzle books, is volume 6 of the most successful series of Samurai Sudoku books – The Way of Samurai. I’ve listened to your comments and reviews and decided to remove all puzzles labeled “EASY” from this new volume! So, we start with COOL difficulty and […]
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Jigsaw Sudoku books

If you are looking for Jigsaw Sudoku or Irregular Sudoku books, look no further. Here are all the books that I’ve published with nothing but jigsaw sudoku puzzles! If you click on one of these covers, it will take you to your local Amazon page. TweetTweet TweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweet More books coming for Christmas! 🙂 jigsaw sudoku […]
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Killer Sudoku books – discounted!

This is just a quick note that first 4 volumes of my “Revenge of Killer Sudoku” series have been heavily discounted on Amazon.com! They are now just $7.95 each!!! Don’t miss out, I don’t know how long this discount will last! Tweet Tweet Tweet Tweet
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Puzzle books on Amazon UK

I have great news for folks in the United Kingdom. FINALLY: All of my puzzle books are now fully available on the British Amazon website! Even better: those sudoku (et al.) books that were already available on Amazon UK are now much cheaper than they used to be! Important: All these books will very soon […]
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Revenge of Killer Sudoku: Killer is the right word!

Since my sudoku books are now available on Amazon.co.uk and other international Amazon websites, I will post a few reviews of my books from those websites. Of course, the books are all the same on all websites, so these reviews are valid no matter where you’re buying the books. 🙂 First up… Revenge of Killer […]
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Samurai Sudoku: Brilliant training for the brain and good for relaxation (new review on Amazon)

Here is a new review of The Way of Samurai: 101 puzzles on Amazon.com. It’s a 5/5 stars. 🙂 Concerning the training of the brain it was 4 years ago stated in the Danish engineering news that research had found that Sudoku is the best training for the brain. Later there has come another “game” […]
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Revenge of Killer Sudoku, volume 5

After new volumes of Jigsaw Sudoku and Samurai Sudoku, next up is Killer Su doku. This is the fifth volume of the Killer Sudoku series of books, but I published another one before I started the Revenge series and of course, there is the Zero Killer Su doku book. Then again, there is the Killer […]
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