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Greater than Sudoku

This Weekend’s special is a brand new Sudoku puzzle that I have never posted before. It’s a greater/less than sudoku variant. All standard sudoku rules apply. You don’t have any numbers to start with, instead, there are clues which cells contain numbers that are greater/smaller than the numbers in adjacent cells. I’m sure you’ve seen […]
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Samurai Sudoku rules

I’ve been asked a few times to post some Samurai sudoku solving tips. Well – there aren’t any special tips that apply exclusively to Samurai. Standard Sudoku rules apply, but to make things clear for newcomers, I’d like to give a brief set of instructions. Rules of Samurai Sudoku 1. Each Samurai Sudoku puzzle consists […]
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Complex innies/outies

One of our visitors (Phyllis) asked about the puzzle posted on October 13. Now, this puzzle definitely doesn’t need any trial and error to be solved – in fact it’s only rated as “thinker”. However, it requires a technique that in the new version of Perfect Sudoku will be called “complex innies/outies”. It is basically […]
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We’ve become Samurai

This is something very special: my first ever produced Samurai Sudoku puzzle. For those of you who haven’t come across these, it’s a Sudoku variation where there are 4 standard grids interconnected by another middle grid. So all together you have 5 grids! All the standard Sudoku rules apply. You just have to be extra […]
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More daily puzzles

In addition to today’s 3×3 Killer Sudoku that you are already used to seeing here, I’ve posted another puzzle on the Daily Sudoku variants Puzzles page. It’s a standard Sudoku, although not a classic 3×3 but rather a 2×5 variation. All 10 digits are used (0-9) so it should be slightly more difficult than the […]
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