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Saturday Special: Anti-Knight Killer Sudoku

Here’s my first new sample puzzle for the Anti-Chess Killer Sudoku book. This one’s a MEDIUM (THINKER) Anti-Knight Killer Anti-Knight means that no two cells one Knight‘s move away from each other in chess can have the same value. Click on the puzzle thumbnail to access the puzzle.Tweet
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Anti-Chess Killer Sudoku

Hey everybody!  It’s Dan (h3lix) from the forums.  I started a book project a couple of years ago before I went on hiatus and just now finished it! This book contains 112 hand designed puzzles that explore the combination of Killer and Anti-Chess variants and range in difficulty from Beginner to Insane.  I will be […]
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The Law of Leftovers (LOL)

I promised to explain this technique, which applies to Jigsaw Sudoku (aka irregular blocks) puzzles, a while ago, so it’s time to keep the promise. You can find the same technique explained on various other sites, too. This technique is somewhat similar to innies/outies which is used for solving Killer Sudoku puzzles, but there is […]
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Cage Splitting – Killer Sudoku

Ok, here is the explanation of the “Cage/fence splitting” solving technique for Killer Sudoku puzzles that I promised before. I will use the puzzle posted on Friday, October 7 and solve it step by step using this method. We extend the idea of the “innies” and “outies” solving technique, except that you’re not looking for […]
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