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Outside Sudoku and its variants: You Really Should Try this Type of Sudoku

After two new book reviews from Amazon that I posted, here I’m posting all reviews of one of the books that should catch your attention: Outside Sudoku and its variants. This book is special because it contains a variety of a variety. 🙂 Outside Sudoku puzzles have essentially the same rules as classic Sudoku, but […]
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Diagonal Killer Samurai Sudoku X – thanks to my Facebook group

On my Killer and Samurai Sudoku fans Facebook page I recently asked members to post a link to this Facebook group on their walls in order to help me promote it. I also decided to award the first poster with a puzzle of their choice. Who was the first one? Well, you can have a […]
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Diagonal Jigsaw Samurai X Sudoku Variant puzzle

When was the last time I posted a Sudoku Variant puzzle for the first time? I can’t remember. Especially a puzzle that is a combination of many popular variations of Su Doku. The reason why I decided to create and post this puzzle is because one of the visitors to this website asked me about […]
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Revenge 4, The Way of Samurai 4, Jigsaw 3 and a new Killer&variants book!!

I’ve published 4 new books which are already available on Amazon. I see some of you have already discovered them and bought them, even without my announcement. I suppose this means that you’ve been eagerly waiting for them, which makes me proud. I know that the Revenge 4 and Samurai 4 are slightly overdue, but […]
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Saturday Special: Anti-Knight Killer Sudoku

Here’s a new sample of Anti-Chess Killer Sudoku. It is an Anti-Knight killer sudoku puzzle, meaning that in addition to the rules of killer sudoku, no two cells one knights move away from each other can have the same value. MEDIUM version INSANE version The solution to both versions is the same and is here
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Saturday Special: Anti-King Killer Sudoku

Here’s another Anti-Chess sample puzzle: this one’s a bit harder than the last one. This one’s a HARD (4/5…BRAIN/IQ) Anti-King Killer (this puzzle was originally classified insane, but is actually easier than the insane puzzles in the book) Anti-King means that no two cells one king’s move move away from each other in chess can […]
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Overlapping CalcuDoku (Square Wisdom, MathDoku) puzzle

It’s been quite a while since I last posted a CalcuDoku puzzle. I’m going to fix that now and to make it up to you, it will be a somewhat special variant of Square Wisdom puzzles. It’s an overlapping, 2 in 1 (Gattai-2), CalcuDoku puzzle, which is essentially in a TwoDoku layout. Remember the rules: […]
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