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First Anniversary of www.djape.net (belated)

Well, folks, it’s been more than one year since I started posting puzzles on this website and I’d like to write a few words about that. Actually, since this site has become popular thanks to Killer Sudoku puzzles I intended to wait until the anniversary of the first Killer Sudoku puzzle posted here, but CathyW […]
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“Sudoku K” will be published worldwide!

At long last, I can announce that a book with our Killer Sudoku puzzles will be published worldwide! We have partnered with Via Optima (from Portugal) and Ronin Publishing (from US) to deliver you this book. It will be published in July/August 2006, but you can already pre-order this book from Amazon. released in july/august […]
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Perfect Books in bookshops!

It is with great pleasure that I announce that two books with Perfect Sudoku puzzles have been printed and will reach bookshops very soon. I have hinted this before but it’s now official. Both books will be available in bookshops in Portugal only, thanks to Via Optima publishing house from Portugal. They will appear there […]
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101 Perfect Killer Book

It is my pleasure to announce that we have partnered with Via Optima publishing house from Portugal and that they will be printing a book with Perfect Killer Sudoku puzzles! The book should be available in bookstores around mid November. At the moment, it will be published only in Portugal. We are looking for publishers […]
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