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Griddlers books

Here are the cover pages of all my books with picture puzzles known under these names: Griddlers books Nonograms books Picross books Oekaki books Hanjie books Paint by Numbers books Paintdoku books Pic-a-pix books …and more other names. TweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweetTweet Griddlers for Kids book Tweet I also released Hanjie for Kindle game, it costs JUST $0.99! […]
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Hanjie, Griddlers, Nonograms, volume 2 – 100 picture puzzles

You thought that was all for this year as far as new books are concerned? Well, think again! 🙂 A new volume of my picture puzzles series of books has been released, with 100 completely new puzzles, all hand made, revealing beautiful images in the end. About one half of the puzzles are 20×20, the […]
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Hanjie Griddlers Nonograms game for Kindle

Picross Hanjie Griddlers Nonograms for KindleA new Kindle game has been released. This one is full of picture puzzles that go under gazillion different names, but the ones you are most familiar with are: Picross Griddlers Nonograms Hanjie Pic-a-Pix Paintdoku Just to make things clear, it’s a fully featured interactive application for Amazon Kindle, which you use to play and […]
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Are you ready to reveal the new Apple iPhoneâ„¢ 5 puzzle?

🙂 Well, this is a puzzle website but I couldn’t resist, I had to join all this hype about leaks of the still unreleased Appleâ„¢’s iPhoneâ„¢ 5. So, this is a Picross (aka Hanjie, Griddlers, Nonograms, pic-a-pix) picture puzzle. Are you going to reveal the new iPhone when you solve it? Well… not really… but […]
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FREE Presentational booklet of puzzles by DJAPE

A promotional PDF by Djape. Please forward this to your local newspaper and ask them to change from classic Sudoku to something new.
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It’s been a while since I last posted a Nonograms (aka Picross aka Hanjie aka Griddlers) puzzle, so here is a new one. Click on the puzzle thumbnail to access the puzzle.Tweet Enjoy!
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Hanjie: 60 puzzles (volume 1) – a new PDF e-book

As Hanjie puzzles are becoming more and more popular, I have decided to release an e-book with 60 of my carefully selected puzzles. All puzzles are hand-made with interesting images that are revealed after you’ve solved the puzzle. These puzzles are also known by other names: griddlers, pic-a-pix, nonograms and others. The book is available […]
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