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Perfect Sudoku puzzles in Norway!

It is with great pleasure that I announce that my puzzles will now be published in Norway too! A weekly magazine called Ukeavisen Ledelse will start publishing my puzzles this Friday, October 12, 2007. They will print a variety of my puzzles, including vanilla Sudoku, Sudoku X and Jigsaw Sudoku.
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Insane Killer Sudoku

Ok, a few regular readers have requested an INSANE Killer Sudoku puzzle so I had to respond. This puzzle should be very difficult to solve. In fact, it might require some trial&error attempts to be solved. Do not attempt to solve this puzzle unless you are willing to accept that! Click on the puzzle thumbnail […]
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More Perfect Sudoku in Switzerland!

I am very pleased to make these two announcements – both are related to publications in Switzerland only: 1. A book by Thierry Godel (published by Favre) has come out. It is called “L’essentiel du Sudoku” and it contains various Sudoku puzzles created, naturally, by Perfect Sudoku. Thierry is THE Sudoku man in Switzerland. I […]
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A while ago I explained the X-Wing solving technique. Recently I shown my explanation of other basic, Classic Sudoku solving techniques. The only remaining solving method that I don’t consider trial and error is Swordfish. So, to complete the list of Sudoku solving tips, here is an example of a Sudoku puzzle that can be […]
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Samurai Sudoku in Finland

On March 2nd, 2006, Euromedia Magazines from Finland will start publishing a monthly issue with Samurai Sudoku puzzles created by Perfect Sudoku and www.djape.net. I will soon open a topic in the forum where you will be able to discuss the puzzles published in this magazine.
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Le Matin Sudoku Fevrier (Switzerland)

On February 1, 2006, “Le Matin” will publish a magazine with 50 Sudoku puzzles from Perfect Sudoku. There will be 30 classic Sudokus plus 20 Sudoku X puzzles. It is likely that there will be more magazines with our puzzles published in Switzerland. UPDATE: You can chat about this issue of “Le Matin” in the […]
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Harakiri Sudoku X

Yet another – first ever – puzzle from Perfect Sudoku – Sudoku Harakiri X! Basically, it’s a double Samurai Sudoku puzzle: 8 classic sub-puzzles, which of course don’t have their own (unique) solutions but all together constitute a puzzle with a single solution. This time, however, you must also pay attention to diagonals: ALL diagonals […]
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