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Daily Kendoku (CanCan, SquareWisdom) #5

Today’s Kendoku puzzle should take you through the weekend. 🙂 It’s my first ever Kendoku Samurai (Gattai-5)! To clarify things again: numbers CAN BE repeated in cages. 7×7 Kendoku Samurai for Friday, October 10, 2008. CalcuDoku for Friday, Oct 10, 2008Difficulty: IQClick on the puzzle thumbnail to access the puzzle.TweetThe Reduced Operators version of CalcuDoku […]
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Daily Kendoku (CanCan, SquareWisdom) #4

After a few Kendoku variants thay I’ve posted in the last 7 days, today I post my first classic Kendoku puzzle. However, it does have one special property – see if you can find what it is. Again, there are two versions of the same puzzle: an easier one with all operators filled in and […]
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Daily Kendoku (CanCan, SquareWisdom) #3

Some may not like the fact that today’s puzzle isn’t actually a SquareWisdom puzzle, instead, it’s actually a true hybrid between Killer Sudoku and Kendoku. Having implemented Kendoku puzzles into my solver&generator program, it was a no brainer to extend it a little further and allow all four operators for my Killer Sudoku puzzles. And […]
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Daily Kendoku (CanCan, SquareWisdom) #1

Today’s puzzle is a diagonal Kendoku variant. In addition to all other standard Kendoku rules, there is one extra for this puzzle: the numbers cannot be repeated on either diagonal, just like they can’t be repeated on any row/column. This is marked in the puzzle with an “X” across. I’m posting two versions of the […]
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