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Download Perfect Sudoku Solver & Generator

From this page you will always be able to download the latest release of Perfect Sudoku. The current version is Perfect Sudoku v0.4 Two most important things about this version: 1. This version is absolutely FREE! No annoying “about” dialogs and “please register” reminders. This of course means you can freely use the software for […]
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4×2 Killer Sudoku!

Today’s puzzle is not the ordinary 3×3 Killer Sudoku, but rather it’s a 4×2 variant. All rules remain the same, except that there are now only 8 digits used (1-8). NOTE:Since only 8 digits are used, the sum of all boxes, rows and columns is 36! Be careful when you look for “innies” and “outies”! […]
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Download Perfect Sudoku v0.1!

Here it is, Perfect Sudoku v0.1 Download it, test it, send feedback… You can post a comment to this message. NOTE: Perfect Sudoku requires Microsoft .Net Framework to be installed on your machine. If you do not have it already, you may download it from Microsoft.
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