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Revenge of Killer Sudoku: Killer is the right word!

Since my sudoku books are now available on Amazon.co.uk and other international Amazon websites, I will post a few reviews of my books from those websites. Of course, the books are all the same on all websites, so these reviews are valid no matter where you’re buying the books. 🙂 First up… Revenge of Killer […]
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Perfect Samurai puzzles in Washington Express

I have another announcement to make – as of tomorrow – Friday, November 18, our Samurai puzzles will be published every Friday in Washington Express a free daily commuter newspaper that is published in Washington D.C.. It is highly likely that there will also be Killer Sudokus published in the same paper very soon So […]
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As promised, I implemented the Swordfish classic Sudoku solving technique in my Perfect Sudoku software and generated a few puzzles. I just posted one of them on the Daily Sudoku page. However, I ran my generator and generated a couple of thousands Killer Sudokus and NONE of them required Swordfish, just as I speculated before. […]
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Welcome new visitors!

Yesterday there was a post at blogs.guardian.co.uk about Killer Sudokus and a link to our site was posted. As a consequence, we’ve had some 600 referrals from that post within 12 hours (and overnight too)! I’d like to welcome our new visitors and to suggest them to go through the previous messages posted here – […]
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Puzzle difficulty

First of all, I posted a Killer X puzzle rated THINKER for today. I would like to know how difficult you find this one. Regarding the INSANE puzzle posted on Friday – I see that there has been a lot of discussion regarding it’s difficulty and the difficulty of some other puzzles posted last week. […]
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A few words about “Perfection”

Ever since I started posting “Killer” Sudokus I was unhappy for one reason: the puzzles posted did not meet one criteria that I was hoping they would fulfill – they were not perfect. Yes, I admit that. You might wonder why I say that. Two reasons: 1) September 27 puzzle. It required trial and error. […]
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Killer Sudoku – September 27th

Many people have asked about the Killer Sudoku posted on September 27th. I haven’t tried to solve this Killer by hand but it is very much possible that it requires either a lot of math (the technique that I call “cage/fence splitting”, which will be explained in the next few days) or that it cannot […]
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