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Anti-Chess Killer Sudoku

Hey everybody!  It’s Dan (h3lix) from the forums.  I started a book project a couple of years ago before I went on hiatus and just now finished it! This book contains 112 hand designed puzzles that explore the combination of Killer and Anti-Chess variants and range in difficulty from Beginner to Insane.  I will be […]
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Here is my second Slitherlink puzzle. My solver thinks it’s rather difficult. What do you think? You can read The rules of Slitherlink (Takegaki, loop-the-loop, loopies…). Slitherlink 11×11 for Monday, March 4, 2010. Difficulty: INSANE? Click on the puzzle thumbnail to access the puzzle.Tweet Enjoy and do comment, please! 🙂
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Hidoku – The Next Puzzle Craze: 150 puzzles

Here is something to keep you amused during the coming holiday season… A book full of Hidoku puzzles! The book contains 150 puzzles ranging in sizes from 6×6 to a massive 15×15. And folks, these puzzles aren’t easy, I can tell you that. You will even find 9 INSANE puzzles! I’m just a little worried […]
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Square Wisdom: 200 CalcuDoku puzzles

My first CalcuDoku book can now be purchased on Amazon! Tweet The book contains 200 puzzles ranging in sizes from 5×5 to 9×9. – 136 puzzles are with all operators, evenly split into the standard five difficulty levels: EASY-COOL-THINKER-BRAIN-IQ, but there are also a couple INSANE – 64 puzzles are with the (significantly) reduced number […]
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Daily Kendoku (CanCan, SquareWisdom) #9

Here is another Kendoku puzzle where some cells do not belong to any cage. And incidentally, it’s my first INSANE Kendoku, although I don’t think it’s so mad as some of my killers have been. 🙂 8×8 no-cages Kendoku for Thursday, October 15, 2008. CalcuDoku for Thursday, Oct 16, 2008Difficulty: INSANEClick on the puzzle thumbnail […]
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Revenge of Killer Sudoku volume 2: 150 puzzles

This doesn’t need much introduction: Revenge, volume 2 is ready! (click on the cover page to go to lulu and buy!) US $5.99 or £3.30 or €4.82 (PDF e-book) (payable by PayPal or credit card) Same format, same difficulties, NEW puzzles! Brand new puzzles, with the same intensity and intricacy as the old ones. The […]
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Saturday Special – Killer ACAN Square

The two anti-chess variants anti-knight and anti-camel cannot both exist on a sudoku grid with the standard 3×3 nonets, so I’ve removed the nonets!  In chess, a knight moves 2 cells horizontally and 1 cell vertically or vise versa.  Since this puzzle is anti-knight, none of the red X’s below can contain a 5 because the center […]
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