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Puzzle difficulty

First of all, I posted a Killer X puzzle rated THINKER for today. I would like to know how difficult you find this one. Regarding the INSANE puzzle posted on Friday – I see that there has been a lot of discussion regarding it’s difficulty and the difficulty of some other puzzles posted last week. […]
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You Asked For It!

As promised, I just posted a puzzle with the rating that is currently in the lead in our poll. And that, apparently, is INSANE. This puzzle requires all Killer techniques + it requires some advanced classic Sudoku techniques (match subsets etc). It does not require trial and error! I hope someone will solve it without […]
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Complex innies/outies – part two

I saw two comments (by Graham and David) for the puzzle posted on October 25, and I think there’s a little clarification on “complext innies/outies” that should be made here. You should look for innies/outies in more than just one row/column/nonet. This is a good example of such puzzle. See this image: Click on the […]
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Complex innies/outies

One of our visitors (Phyllis) asked about the puzzle posted on October 13. Now, this puzzle definitely doesn’t need any trial and error to be solved – in fact it’s only rated as “thinker”. However, it requires a technique that in the new version of Perfect Sudoku will be called “complex innies/outies”. It is basically […]
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Cindy’s puzzle

Cindy, one of our regular visitors kindly asked me to post a daily puzzle today and I couldn’t say no :). So, even that I usually don’t do it on Saturday’s – you can find a very nice Killer Sudoku on the Daily page. It’s interesting that this one after the usual procedure of finding […]
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Non-symmetrical Killer Sudoku

Today’s Killer puzzle is not symmetrical as you would expect. So, if you find an innie in one spot, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is another one in the opposite corner. It also has some really cool cage shapes. Otherwise it’s a little bit easier than yesterday’s. To mix it up some more, I […]
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September 27 solved!? Or…

I’ve received a possible solution for September 27 puzzle using only minor trial and error from udosuk. Here are his comments. You can also download the images that he sent: Firstly, the first pic (dk0927a.png) shows the steps I last posted which narrows R[1,2]C7 to {25} and then some more… From there I’ve worked out […]
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