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Sudoku Straights: Where Poker meets Sudoku – 150 puzzles (PDF e-book)

I’ve prepared another very special book – very first of its kind, as far as I know. It contains Sudoku straights puzzles, which I post every Friday on the Daily Sudoku variants page. (click on the cover page to go to lulu and buy!) US $5.95 or £4.24 or €4.61 (PDF e-book) (payable by PayPal […]
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Hitori: 150 puzzles that won’t leave you alone!

Having perfected my Hitori generator, I’m ready to present you with my first Hitori book. This book contains 150 puzzles in 6 levels of difficulty, varying in size from 5×5 up to a humongous 20×20! A very detailed introduction with solving strategies and techniques is also given. (click on the cover page to go to […]
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How to solve Hitori: basic techniques

Solving Hitori puzzles is about recognizing patterns. I will show you some examples of those patterns. They can be split into two groups, one of those that depend solely on the initial positioning of numbers, and another group of patterns that depend on the black and white cells which have been painted in the solving […]
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UPDATE: After some debate with udosuk (see comments), I’ve decided to adopt the rule that every cell must be either black or white, it can’t be left “undecided”. I’ve changed the original puzzle accordingly so you can download it now. At the end of last year, I announced that I will be introducing more types […]
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Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a nice Christmas and that you are enduring the cold weather well. Well, those in the Northern hemisphere anyway. 🙂 Let me tell you about the changes that I plan for 2009: There will be more Jigsaw Sudoku puzzles on the Daily Sudoku variants page. They will be accompanied by […]
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