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Hidoku – The Next Puzzle Craze: 150 puzzles

Here is something to keep you amused during the coming holiday season… A book full of Hidoku puzzles! The book contains 150 puzzles ranging in sizes from 6×6 to a massive 15×15. And folks, these puzzles aren’t easy, I can tell you that. You will even find 9 INSANE puzzles! I’m just a little worried […]
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How to solve Hidoku: “cornering” (or “dead-end”)

Here is an explanation of a Hidato solving technique that some people might find obvious and they use it without even thinking of it as a special technique. But, for those who still struggle with the more difficult puzzles, here is a quick guide of the technique that I call “cornering“. It can be used […]
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I told you there is something special coming today and here it is: my first Hidoku puzzle! These puzzles have been introduced earlier this year and it seems they’re catching on. They are being published under the name “Hidato” but I will have to use Hidoku. The rules of Hidoku (Hidato™): 1. It can be […]
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