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Daily Consecutive/Non-consecutive puzzles

Well, it’ time to revive the “Daily Sudoku variants” page. First of all, that page has been renamed to “(Non)consecutive”. Since this variation of Sudoku puzzles has proven to be more popular than odd/even and greater/less than, I have decided to give you one such puzzle every day, Monday to Friday. Hardest puzzles (IQ/Insane) will […]
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Clueless Consecutive Sudoku puzzle

How many Sudoku variants are there? I don’t know. To calculate, you’d have to multiply the number of overlapping types with the number of variants that impose additional constraints on each puzzle. I produce puzzles with 5 different constraints: Killer, Odd/Even, Greater/Less than, Consecutive, and Non-Consecutive. But then again, you can put an “X” on […]
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“Greater/Less Than” Samurai Sudoku!

I have only posted one puzzle of this kind so far and here is a new one – “” puzzle in Samurai layout! No given numbers to begin with, instead, there are greater than and less than signs all over the place. Still, this puzzle can be solved by using deduction only, no guessing is […]
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Clueless Killer Sudoku #2

For those who don’t get enough challenge from Killer Samurai Sudoku nor from Harakiri nor from Twin Killer nor from any other overlapping, odd/even, consecutive or greater/less than sudoku – here is the ultimate challenge – my second ever Clueless Killer Sudoku. If your friends or family call you names when they see you solving […]
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Consecutive Sudoku

Yet another Sudoku puzzle variation – it’s somewhat similar to “greater/less than” puzzles but completely new solving methods are required to solve it. It is called Consecutive Sudoku, although I’ve seen it under the name “Disallowed Number Place”. You start with very few givens (in fact I have created these puzzles with only a single […]
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Greater than Sudoku

This Weekend’s special is a brand new Sudoku puzzle that I have never posted before. It’s a greater/less than sudoku variant. All standard sudoku rules apply. You don’t have any numbers to start with, instead, there are clues which cells contain numbers that are greater/smaller than the numbers in adjacent cells. I’m sure you’ve seen […]
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