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Twin Nonets

Lets formalize the technique that can be used when solving overlapping puzzles, which I have been referring to as “the new solving technique” and that I now call Twin Nonets. Basically, this technique is a sub-technique (or if you like – a consequence) of the naked/hidden triplets technique that you are all probably aware of. […]
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Double X on the Daily Page

I just uploaded another Double Trouble X puzzle on the Daily Sudoku Page. I intend to post these puzzles everytime I post an “Easy” or “Cool” Killer Sudoku, so keep an eye on that page too.
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Double Trouble!

I have just completed a new enhanced version of my puzzle generator. We can now create any kind of overlapping Sudoku puzzles (Samurai-like) – that is, with any number or arrangement of 9×9 classic Sudoku inside. Here I’m posting my first such puzzle – I’m calling it Double Trouble (the puzzle formerly known as “doubled-doku”). […]
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