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Gone sailing!

I’m off to, I think, a well deserved vacation 🙂 and will be away for one week. Daily Killer Sudoku puzzles will be updated regularly. I’m affraid other features of the site will be delayed. This includes the Weekly Samurai (but you can get the Samurai Sudoku e-book, remember?) and also the archive will not […]
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A new feature on this site – FORUM

Well, after nearly 1000 comments have been written to various posts on this site, I think it’s time to provide you with a better way to communicate. Therefore, I just opened up a forum. I’m pretty sure you are all familiar with phpBB forums so you won’t have problems using it. One thing, though, you […]
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Sudoku Killer Insane – with Quad Symmetry

I just uploaded an INSANE Killer puzzle to Daily Killer page. Not only that it has the highest difficulty ranking, but it’s also fully symmetrical, just like yesterday’s BRAIN puzzle. Normally, Sudoku Killer puzzles have “rotational” (or diagonal) symmetry, but I have enhanced my generator to create puzzles with any symmetry – rotational, horizontal, vertical, […]
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More exclusive puzzles

I just uploaded my first ever overlapping Killer Sudoku puzzle. I can now create any kind of such puzzles, including Killer Samurai The puzzle should be very easy to solve – I wanted you to get used to them first. I will post more such puzzles in the future and at some stage I will […]
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There were quite a few comments from our visitors, especially on the Daily Killer Sudoku page, which makes that and other pages load slow. Therefore, I have moved some of the old comments to this new category. If you’d like to read what other people had to say about our puzzles you may find the […]
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Puzzle difficulty

First of all, I posted a Killer X puzzle rated THINKER for today. I would like to know how difficult you find this one. Regarding the INSANE puzzle posted on Friday – I see that there has been a lot of discussion regarding it’s difficulty and the difficulty of some other puzzles posted last week. […]
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Download previous Daily Killer Sudoku’s

The archive of daily puzzles has been made available so if you miss a puzzle you can now find it here! It is likely that this archive will be changed (improved, that is) but I thought that the priority is to put it online so you could browse through previous daily puzzles. Good luck!
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