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Comments on Daily Killer Sudoku and Weekly Samurai Sudoku

Long time ago, some 5 years or so, I closed down the comments on the daily killer sudoku page and the samurai sudoku page. Why I did that? Because there were too many comments and the pages were loading very slowly. This was probably the worst and most stupid thing I’ve done with this website, […]
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Changes on the “Daily Killer Sudoku” page

A few of you have noticed that there are no more .txt files on the “Daily Killer Sudoku” page. For several reasons I had to remove them and do not intend to bring them back. I should also let you know that there will be more changes on the entire website in 2011. You can […]
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As you may have noticed, I’ve changed things a little on the site, by removing some of the daily puzzles. While Daily Killer Sudoku and Daily Sudoku variation will remain, as well as bi-Weekly Samurai Sudoku, all other puzzles will be posted here, on the main page of the site. Expect at least a couple […]
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Daily puzzles have been updated

Sorry folks for this glitch and for missing out on the yesterday’s puzzle. I’ve updated both the Daily Killer Sudoku and the Daily Sudoku variation pages with new puzzles. Everything is back to normal now. 🙂
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Daily Sudoku puzzles are back

So sorry about the problem with the Daily sudoku puzzles which were pointing to Daily Killer puzzles. I have fixed the problem and you can get a Hyper or Jigsaw or Consecutive or Non-consecutive sudoku puzzle every day on the Daily Sudoku variants page.
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Zero Killer Sudoku

A few visitors to my forum have been creating these puzzles for quite some time. Well, here is one from me. Rules: Everything is exactly the same as in your ordinary Killer Sudoku puzzles, except that there are even fewer clues given to you to start with. Some cells are not joined in any cages, […]
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Daily Consecutive/Non-consecutive puzzles

Well, it’ time to revive the “Daily Sudoku variants” page. First of all, that page has been renamed to “(Non)consecutive”. Since this variation of Sudoku puzzles has proven to be more popular than odd/even and greater/less than, I have decided to give you one such puzzle every day, Monday to Friday. Hardest puzzles (IQ/Insane) will […]
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