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So long /sudoku/wp

As you may have noticed, the URI/URL structure on the website has changed. Now you get to the main page simply by going to djape.net. To get to Daily Killer Sudoku, for example, you just go to djape.net/killer-sudoku . This change, of course, may have caused some problem which I’m still unaware of. So please […]
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Killer Sudoku for Kindle

Killer Sudoku for Kindle deadliest puzzlesFinally! It took forever, but here it is… Interactive logic puzzle game for Amazon Kindle Killer Sudoku: deadliest puzzles by Djape Also known as sumdoku, sudoku sums, samunamupure, addoku… well, I’m sure you know what these puzzles are. 🙂 The puzzles in this particular collection are adapted for solving on an electronic device such as […]
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As you must have noticed, I’ve changed the “theme” of this website. It’s the first major overhaul since 2005, so please bear with me if there are any issues and if something is not working (I’ve noticed some already). What’s important is that the Daily Killer Sudoku and Weekly Samurai Sudoku and Daily Sudoku variants […]
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Asking for a favor from university students

I have a favor to ask all of you folks, particularly University students among you. I get lots of visitors from .edu domains, and I suppose most of you are students (or perhaps there are some professors too?). Anyway… .edu domains are important. Search engines value links from .edu domains more than others. Lately I’ve […]
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Why do I make puzzles? A brief history of Djape.net

A short answer to that question would be: because I enjoy doing it! … but here is a long version, too. Back in the summer of 2005 I realized that it’s about time I had my own website. At that point I had been computer programming for years and it kinda made sense that I […]
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Killer Sudoko puzzles are back. Samurai Sudoku will be back tomorrow.

As you have already noticed, the daily killer sudoku puzzles are back. The sudoko variants too. Samuri Sudoku and Diagonal Samurai Sudoko (overlapping Gattai-5 puzzles) are also back and will be updated tomorrow as per schedule. The missing Samurai X will be sent via newsletter. Some of you have already received it. In case you […]
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Happy New Year! :) (Killer Sudoku and Samurai Sudoku will be updated shortly)

Hi folks! Santa on this website wasn’t very nice to you, was he? Sorry for that… I will talk to him and make sure that as of Thursday, January 5, 2012 you start getting the daily Killer Sudoku, daily Sudoku variants and bi-weekly Samurai Sudoku puzzles again. Happy New Year and best wishes! 🙂 Djape
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