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Non-symmetrical Killer Sudoku

Today’s Killer puzzle is not symmetrical as you would expect. So, if you find an innie in one spot, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is another one in the opposite corner. It also has some really cool cage shapes. Otherwise it’s a little bit easier than yesterday’s. To mix it up some more, I […]
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PNG file compressor

This is very off topic, but I’m impressed by the performance of this cool tool, so I wanted to share it with you. There is an utility called pngcrush which is developed under open source license and it can be found at SourceForge.net. I compressed all images (puzzles) on this site and the new image […]
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Two very cool puzzles today!

I’ve posted two very beautiful puzzles today. Killer Sudoku: This one might look very difficult but after a tough first step, the solution unfolds really easy. This is at least how I got the solution :), there could be a simpler one. Anyhow, I will use this one to explain the technique that I call […]
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Samunamupure – Killer Sudoku (coming soon)

I recently learned about the new “mod” to Sudoku puzzles called Samunamupure… It’s so cool! I’ve already started working on implementing my own generator of Samunamupure puzzles and you can soon expect a new version that will allow you to generate and solve such puzzles!
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