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Killer Sudoku Compendium: 101 puzzles of various deadliness

Here is something that all true Killer Sudoku fans will surely enjoy… a compilation of your favorite Killer Sudoku puzzles of all sorts and sizes! Most types of puzzles printed in this compendium cannot be found elsewhere! Needless to say, all puzzles are unique and never published before. 101 puzzles in 12 different categories, so […]
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Clueless Zero Killer Sudoku

This could well be the most difficult puzzle I’ve ever created. Yet, unlike some previous ones which were intentionally created to require trial&error, this one can surely be solved without guessing. This is a Zero Killer Sudoku puzzle in a Clueless format. Once more I want to thank Ruud for inventing the “Clueless” arrangement of […]
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Clueless Killer Sudoku #3

A while ago I posted 2 Clueless Killer Sudoku puzzles and for the second one I suggested that you shouldn’t attempt to solve it. Well here is another puzzle of the same kind. I won’t make any suggestions this time – I hope you will enjoy the puzzle. 🙂 Again, thanks to Ruud from www.sudocue.net […]
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Clueless Killer Sudoku #2

For those who don’t get enough challenge from Killer Samurai Sudoku nor from Harakiri nor from Twin Killer nor from any other overlapping, odd/even, consecutive or greater/less than sudoku – here is the ultimate challenge – my second ever Clueless Killer Sudoku. If your friends or family call you names when they see you solving […]
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Clueless Killer Sudoku

I promised something special with the Clueless concept before – and here it is: my first ever Clueless Killer Sudoku puzzle. Again, thanks to Ruud from www.sudocue.net for inventing the “clueless” concept. There are 9 Sudoku puzzles with no overlapping regions! If you attempt to solve them individually – you won’t get far. Here is […]
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