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Daily Kendoku (CanCan, SquareWisdom) #5

Today’s Kendoku puzzle should take you through the weekend. 🙂 It’s my first ever Kendoku Samurai (Gattai-5)! To clarify things again: numbers CAN BE repeated in cages. 7×7 Kendoku Samurai for Friday, October 10, 2008. CalcuDoku for Friday, Oct 10, 2008Difficulty: IQClick on the puzzle thumbnail to access the puzzle.TweetThe Reduced Operators version of CalcuDoku […]
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Daily Kendoku (CanCan, SquareWisdom) #4

After a few Kendoku variants thay I’ve posted in the last 7 days, today I post my first classic Kendoku puzzle. However, it does have one special property – see if you can find what it is. Again, there are two versions of the same puzzle: an easier one with all operators filled in and […]
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Daily Kendoku (CanCan, SquareWisdom) #3

Some may not like the fact that today’s puzzle isn’t actually a SquareWisdom puzzle, instead, it’s actually a true hybrid between Killer Sudoku and Kendoku. Having implemented Kendoku puzzles into my solver&generator program, it was a no brainer to extend it a little further and allow all four operators for my Killer Sudoku puzzles. And […]
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Daily Kendoku (CanCan, SquareWisdom) #2

Next in line – Kendoku with unknown cages! This is similar to “Zero Killer Sudoku” where some cells do not belong to any cages. This one is relatively easy, but rest assured there are more difficult ones to come! 🙂 7×7 Kendoku UC (unknown cages) for Tuesday, October 7, 2008. CalcuDoku for Tuesday, Oct 07, […]
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Daily Kendoku (CanCan, SquareWisdom) #1

Today’s puzzle is a diagonal Kendoku variant. In addition to all other standard Kendoku rules, there is one extra for this puzzle: the numbers cannot be repeated on either diagonal, just like they can’t be repeated on any row/column. This is marked in the puzzle with an “X” across. I’m posting two versions of the […]
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Extra Special – Overlapping Kendoku TwoDoku puzzle

Well, a little later than anticipated, I am ready to show you my first Kendoku (aka Square Wisdom) puzzle! And to compensate for being late, I have created something really special – the first ever (?) Overlapping Kendoku (CanCan, Square Wisdom) puzzle! If you have seen overlapping Kendoku puzzles elsewhere – please let me know. […]
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CalcuDoku, Killer Sudoku and Kakuro calculator!

Some of you may have already started playing “the new Sudoku” puzzles that appear in The Times (UK). We call them CalcuDoku or “Square Wisdom“. It’s an interesting concept, quite similar to Killer Sudoku, but with all four basic arithmetic operations involved. Another change is that repeats within a cage are allowed if possible. To […]
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