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Samurai Sudoku game for Amazon™ Kindle™ by Djape

Finally, folks, here it is! I’ve been waiting to make this announcement for almost a year. My first Amazon Kindle interactive application (aka “active content”) has been published! Samurai Sudoku, 50 puzzles (A Puzzle Game for Kindle) This is a fully interactive game for Kindle. It is not just an e-book with images of puzzles; […]
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Saturday Special: Anti-Bishop Killer Sudoku

Here’s another sample puzzle from Anti-Chess Killer Sudoku. This puzzle is Anti-Bishop. There are several diagonals lightly drawn on the grid along which numbers may not repeat. This puzzle comes in 3 versions: COOL version BRAIN version INSANE version The solution for all three versions is the same and is here.
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Saturday Special: Anti-King Killer Sudoku

Here’s another Anti-Chess sample puzzle: this one’s a bit harder than the last one. This one’s a HARD (4/5…BRAIN/IQ) Anti-King Killer (this puzzle was originally classified insane, but is actually easier than the insane puzzles in the book) Anti-King means that no two cells one king’s move move away from each other in chess can […]
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Jigsaw Sudoku in Flower Sudoku format (5 in 1 Gattai-5)

This should be a tough one – perhaps too tough? It’s only rated “BRAIN”, but the layout makes it quite difficult, I think. 5 overlapping Jigsaw Sudoku puzzles put together in the Flower Sudoku (Gattai-5) layout, which is similar to Samurai Sudoku but not exactly the same. Make sure to use the “Twin Nonets” solving […]
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Triangular Killer Sudoku – or simply – Killer TriDoku

In case you didn’t see this one coming, well then… you don’t know me and should be coming to this site more often! 🙂 Killer TriDoku puzzle: all standard rules of Killer Sudoku apply + of course the TriDoku rules. Has anyone else published this kind of puzzle until now? Killer TriDoku for Monday, February […]
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Triangular Sudoku variant: TriDoku X

If you can have Diagonal Sudoku or Sudoku X puzzles, why not have a TriDoku X? Although it looks more like a TriDoku *, I decided to keep the “X” in the name. Perhaps it could be called a TriDoku Star? Whatever you call it, I think the additional rules are obvious: in addition to […]
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Outside Consecutive Sudoku

Here is another variant of Outside Sudoku puzzles: a consecutive Sudoku. I’m sure you are aware of the rules, but lets repeat that the numbers in cells that are connected by the pipe “|” symbol MUST BE CONSECUTIVE. Numbers is cell that are have no pipe symbol between them MUST NOT BE CONSECUTIVE, they have […]
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