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Futoshiki book

It’s busy times folks! Lots of books are coming and I just can’t find the time to inform you about them all. This one was published a couple of weeks ago… It’s a Futoshiki puzzle book. Follow that link to find more about Futoshiki (inequality puzzle) and to see a sample Futoshiki puzzle. So… in […]
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Super Samurai Sudoku book

Quad Sudoku Samurai? Double Sudoku Harakiri? Super Sudoku Samurai? What do YOU call this puzzle? Whatever you call it, these puzzles are humongous. There are 13 overlapping Sudoku 9×9 grids in each puzzle. They all overlap Samurai Sudoku style. And… there are 64 of these monsters in this book! If you are a Samurai fan, […]
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Killer Sudoku on Saturdays!

I should’ve announced this before, but was too busy making the sudoku variants book. So… As of today, every Saturday on the Killer Sudoku page a Killer Sudoku 10×10 will be posted! Almost 8 years after I started posting daily killer sudokus, now there will be a Sumdoku puzzle on Saturdays, too! Remember to add […]
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Sudoku Variants book

Here is a book with more Sudoku Variants than any other book I’ve ever seen!!! There are 75 sudoku variations altogether, two puzzles of each kind, making 150 very special puzzles. But wait… there is also an extra bonus Clueless Sudoku puzzle at the end! So… here is the book: Tweet Sudoku Variants included in […]
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Sudoku 16×16 book

For some reason I’ve been neglecting Sudoku 16×16 puzzles. Never paid much attention to them. Do you like them? How often do you solve them? Have you seen the variants of Sudoku 16 somewhere? Well.. Anyhow… I’ve decided to create a compendium full of Sudoku 16×16 puzzles. And not just with classic Sudoku, but also […]
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Samurai Sudoku Compendium

For those of you who haven’t signed up for my newsletter (why haven’t you), I’d like to let you know that I’ve started a new series of books with Samurai Sudoku puzzles. So… this is a Samurai Compendium… it means it contains all sorts of sudoku variations that I make, all in Samurai Gattai-5 format […]
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Difficult Killer Sudoku book

Perhaps you’ve already noticed the cover of my new Killer Sudoku book. In case you haven’t, here is a proper presentation of this new and fiendish sudoku book. So… many of you have asked for a book with only the most difficult of my Killer Sudokus. In “Revenge of Killer Sudoku 6” I dropped the […]
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