Sudoku Variations book volume 2

Volume 1 of my Sudoku Variations book has been the best selling title last year. It has received but positive reviews, 9 out of 11 reviews have been 5/5 stars! So as not to disappoint you, I’ve prepared a new volume, with even more variants than before! New additions to the range of sudoku variants in this book are:
  • Frame Sudoku (and variants thereof: frame 10×10, consecutive frame sudoku, diagonal frame sudoku, frame jigsaw sudoku and non cons frame)
  • Multi Sudoku aka Loco Sudoku in numerous combinations and layouts of sub-puzzles, I can’t list them all here
Of course, the most popular variants of sudoku from volume 1 are still here, for example, outside sudoku, jigsaw sudoku, tridoku, hyper, etc. Too many to list them all! So… if anything can beat the success of volume 1, it is its successor – volume 2 of the Sudoku Variations book!
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  1. Tina
    Posted June 13, 2014 at 4:56 pm | Permalink


    always begged and still waited for these books!!! I could order the Jigsaw Samurai on german Amazon on Monday.
    And yesterday- such a surprise – I could order the new hardly Killers and the Variations 2 there too!!! Seems to me as an Eastern and Christmas present together!!!
    3 of my dearest books in one week!!! :o)

    But what to do now?
    A lot of work in my garden in summer -and the Soccer-WM to watch for 4 weeks now??? ;o)

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