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In case you didn’t know, a couple of weeks ago I sent out a newsletter containing a (rather long) list of all new sudoku books and other puzzle books that I will publish this Fall, before Christmas. You can view the newsletter here, however, you should also make sure to subscribe for my newsletters to make sure you keep up with the latest announcements. Anyway… first up is a volume 2 of the Large Print Sudoku book! It’s a book with classic sudoku puzzles printed in very big font, 55pt, so it is very easy to read the numbers. You certainly don’t need a magnifier to read and solve this book! This Sudoku in large font book is already available on Amazon: So, it’s a great gift for people who use glasses to read, making it much easier to solve the puzzles they like! Oh, in case you missed it, volume 1 of this book is here:
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