Sudoku for Kids

Another one in my series of books with puzzles for kids. This time, plain old Sudoku for kids puzzles. 200 of them! But when I say “plain old Sudoku”, that’t not entirely true. You know that I must mix things up a little. Sooooo… this book contains puzzles of these types and sizes:
  • 4×4
  • 6×6
  • 8×8
  • 9×9
  • a few Odd-Even Sudoku puzzles
  • and also some Diagonal Sudoku for Kids!
The puzzles are not “for kids” just for their size. Instead, they’ve been carefully crafted to be of suitable difficulty for children. Challenging but solvable, that’s perfect to entice your child to think and engage, not just passively fill out the numbers. Altogether, there are 200 puzzles in this book!  
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