Samurai Sudoku game for Amazon™ Kindle™ by Djape

Samurai Sudoku game for Kindle
Finally, folks, here it is! I’ve been waiting to make this announcement for almost a year. My first Amazon Kindle interactive application (aka “active content”) has been published!

Samurai Sudoku, 50 puzzles (A Puzzle Game for Kindle)

This is a fully interactive game for Kindle. It is not just an e-book with images of puzzles; neither does it work in a browser. No! It’s a real application for Kindle, which allows you to play a Samurai Sudoko game, enter pencil marks, get hints, use automatic pencilmarks, ask for a hint and more. It also automatically saves current state of a puzzle so you can later go back to it. There are 50 Samurai Soduko puzzles in this edition, split into the usual five levels: EASY – COOL – THINKER – BRAIN – IQ. The puzzles are of standard quality and difficulty, just like those from The Washington Post and The Washington Express. Oh, and I nearly forgot… the game costs just $1.99!!! Consider buying a Kindle if you don’t already own one, it’s a great device and buying books for it is usually cheaper than buying hard-copies.
Samurai Sudoku game for Kindle
Unfortunately, as all Kindle Active Content applications, this game is available in the US only. For the time being, anyway.
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