Samurai Sudoku: Brilliant training for the brain and good for relaxation (new review on Amazon)

Here is a new review of The Way of Samurai: 101 puzzles on It’s a 5/5 stars. 🙂
Concerning the training of the brain it was 4 years ago stated in the Danish engineering news that research had found that Sudoku is the best training for the brain. Later there has come another “game” that should be a little bit better for the brain. I’ve now been solving Sudokus for 5 year, but first 4 years ago, after reading the engineering, I started buying Sudoku books. Normally, nearly each afternoon, I get some time for relaxing on Sudoku, if I don’t have mathematical or programming problems to solve, which I like the most. During the years I’ve bought 20 books with Suduko, and some of them I’ve been through 2 times, with a couple of years between. And these books, all bought by my own research in Amazon, as none of the persons I know solve Sudokus, and thereby being able to advise me which books to buy, and being easy or difficult. And of the books, all previous being the size 9*9, I mostly like those by Will Shortz, but probably there are others I will like more, that are for being more difficult. But in my search after more difficult Sudokus I found a few books with these 5 double 9*9 Sudoku and the immediately 2 month ago ordered the actual book 2. And I must say that I like it very much, and when I’ve finished this book I without doubt will order the next of these DJAPE. Until now I’ve solved half of the 101 in this book, and have used at least 2 hours on each one. First after each time, in the PC, by the use of Excel, having made a copy of the actual one and then with yellow color at the known numbers.
The original reviewer can ask me to remove this post if they don’t like it shared here.
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